Monday, June 6, 2011

Interview with Adriana: Fake Leather

1. Could you tell us who is Adriana
I'm a graphic designer student from Mexico. I like arts, music, photography but I love illustration the most. I'm from a small city where there's almost no fashion culture and sometimes it's hard to find events, people or designers.

2. Define your site
My blog is the place where I share my style and sometimes my goals, it's not really a site to talk about trends or designer collections, because I don't follow trends completely, if I like something, in vogue or not, I will wear it!

3. What is next .. I mean projects for the future
I'm graduating in a year, I want to move to Guadalajara and in a few years move to Barcelona, work in what I love and meet lots of interesting people!

4. Favorites bloggers and why?
I love El from Classy & fabulous (, her style is flawless and she's such a sweet person. I love Laia's style, her blog Let me feel like a doll ( was the first I followed.
Finally, ellevictoire ( blog is amazing, I can't believe she's only 18 and already so talented and stylish!

5. Style Icons?
Coco Chanel, Ditta Von Teese, Magdalena Frackowiak, Emma Watson.

6. Elegance is..
Simple, clean, sleek... but most important, the confidence that you have while walking.

7. Never without..
Make-up! I'm a make-up addict and if I'm in a hurry I cannot leave my house without fundation and mascara.

8. The great dream
My biggest dream is to create a collection featuring my illustration patterns, I'm not a fashion designer, so I would love to be associated with one :)

9. What is fashion for you?
Is the way you're presenting to people, you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their outfit: their age, their work, even the place they're going to.
I consider myself passionate and creative, and I want people to notice that. I cannot leave the house without taking a little effort in my outfit, sometimes I change 2 to 5 times.

10. Choose 3 words to describe yourself.
Passionate, creative, honest.

11.Could you give us a fashion tip?
Never go with the trends just to be in fashion, always go for the pieces that flatter your body type and personality, always be confident with yourself and with what you're wearing, it makes the outfit look much better!
Molén: Thank you!

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