Against Eating Disorders

Hi! I had anorexia nervosa and I survive because I received treatment. I am still at healthy weight and keeping fit. I would just like to say a special mention to my family who supported me. Specially to my mom. All I can say.. the weight is not the key to be happy. I can't remember how it begans but was a nightmare.
Please don't support eating disorders.

What is Anorexia nervosa?
Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by excessive food restriction and irracional fear of gaining weight. Is a mental disorder that makes people, usually young woman, think that they are fat when in fact they are so thin they look like a scarecrow, stick thin and unhealthy.

  1. Refusal to maintain a normal body mass índex for the age.
  2. Amenorrhea, the absence to 3 consecutive menstrual cycles.
  3. Fearful of even the slightest weight gain and takes all precautionary measures to avoid weight gain and becoming overweight.
  4. Dramatic  weight loss
  5. Obsession with calories and fat content of food.
  6. Refuses to eat around others.
  7. Becomes intolerante to cold and frequently complains of being cold from loss of insulating body fat or poor circulation resulting from extremely low blood pressure.
  8. Bad Breath
  9. Hair loos or thinning
  10. Uses diet pills or self-induced vomiting.
  11. Fatigue.
Suggestions for helping a friend with an eating disorder:
  • Talk to your friend: mention their eating habits but don't focus on food or their apperance.
  • Focus on what is going on for your friend (sister or daughter) emotionally. (what is causing her to feel so stressed?)
  • Encorage your friend to get help but do not force them.
  • Do not try to get them to eat more or less. My experience is that if you try to control them could be worst.
  • If your friend or sister or daughter continues to have problems with food talk with someone about what else can be done to help them.

I hope the information above helps to recongnize the anorexia signs or an eating disorder. I would like you to know that you are not alone in trying to help your friend or sister or daughter. Part of my advice is that if you feel like your friend's problems are not changing or you feel that they are not too big for you to handle request counseling or check this sites:

Or if you need to talk send me an email
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