Name: Molén
What does a Fashion Features Editor Do?
As a fashion features editor at De Tripaz Corazón I write features an publish news, trends and interviews, compile and edit. Always looking new designers, trends and bloggers.
What is the best part about bloggin?
The creativity and variety about fashion world. Another great thing of being an editor is the people i meet.
Who is your favorite blogger?
I have a lot.. I read in spanish, english and french so is to dificult to answer.
What advice do you have for someone writing to get into the fashion industry?
Work hard, be willing keep dreaming and enthusiasthic but always realistic. Write, write and write.
Is the first blog  created by blackberry and iphone app?
Yes, I love to update all by my mobiles
How did you get your first job in journalism?
I applied online at Kiwibox.com and I got the job. I was advisor and jornalist. Then Camilla Hall, Diane Fay´s CEO gave me the first opportunity to interview Dany Saadia (mexican film director)
Who discovered you in Vogue it?
Alice Furnari and Max Sortino
Position: Fashion correspondent
Over the past two years and a half months, I have done several extraordinary things under the direction of Maximiliano Sortino, Vogue Italia Fashion Editor.
Some of my amazing experiences so far have included travels, visiting showrooms on appointments,interviews, and writting reviews from Fashion Weeks. I am incredibly thankful that he has given me this opportunity to see how he, a true professional fashion editor, dominates him everyday responsibilities.
Other experience?
Contributing editor at various publications like Fashion Model Directory,  RunwayPassport, El Tiempo de Bogóta, Fashion Tv, Daily by El Universal, etc..